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Sunshine Boy Sunny turned 8!

Sunshine Boy Sunny turned 8!

Uploaded by Sunny Liu Jan 13, 2013 11:57 PM EST 4787 views


Sunny turned 8 on Jan 13, 2013. This year he wanted to celebrate his Birthday in a different way--By making himself a news in CBC news!

Sunny is a happy boy: He likes his school and he is eager to learn everything. He is a grade 2 student in French Immersion school. He already got blue belt in his TaikwanDo and his goal is to get black belt before he is 10. He also plays piano and likes Lego building.

Sunny also likes making friends. He brought sunshine to his friends just like his name. He is enjoying everyday be with his friends both in school and after school class. Dad and Mom with lovely Sunny be health and happy always. Happy 8th Birthday! Sunny!


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