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Uploaded by Ernie McGraw Jan 10, 2013 11:02 AM EST 2350 views


Some children call me "The Bubble Man" that's because I enjoy entertaining my granddaughter and local children by making Giant Soap Bubbles. About a year ago I picked up a unique hobby that is a great delight to children as well as adults. Some of these bubbles can be as big as 6ft-8ft in diameter and 20ft long. Extreme bubbling requires special tools which consist of 10ft rods and assortment of different strings and a special secret formula. They are so massive; they come in all kinds of weid different shapes and colours and you can't duplicate them which make that more fun.
The gratification I feel from this hobby can be seen in the smiling faces of the people.
I'll have to admit I turned a few heads this past summer.


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