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First Nation Protest Across Canada

First Nation Protest Across Canada

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November 10, 2012, Canadian Natives across Canada held rally's in protest of the Canadian Government and Stephen Harper's legislative amendments to acquire reservation lands without consent of elected leadership under Bill C-45. Bill C-45 is an omnibus bill which in Canadian Politics allows for proposed multiple legislative amendments under one bill which must undergo 3 readings in Canadian Parliament in order to become law. In 1994 Prime Minister Harper actually criticized the methods this type of "omnibus bill" decries the democratic process of Canada.

First Nations in Canada protested the segment that allowed the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), which deals with Aboriginal issues in Canada, to call meetings without the consent of Chief and Council to surrender reserve lands to the Crown. This outraged Natives in Canada which sparked rally's across Canada.

The Chiefs of the Assembly of First Nation (AFN), the National Political Organization for Canadian Natives, stormed the Canadian Parliament building on December 4, 2012 in anger to protest such legislative amendments without consulting with Natives regarding the expropriation of lands reserved for Natives. The Chiefs of the AFN provided that it violated democratic principles and violated the Treaties in Canada and the did not uphold the United Nations Declarations on Indigenous Peoples, which the U.S. and Canada approved in principle.

First Nations formed the rally's though the social networking site "Facebook", which was the sole medium of communicating and forming rally's across Canada.

The legislative events culminated in a Chief from Ontario, Canada to protest by hunger strike. Stating, "I’m wiling to die for my people because the pain is too much and it’s time for the government to realize what (it’s) doing to us. Somebody asked me if I was afraid to die. No, I’m not afraid to die. If that’s the journey for me I will go and I’m looking forward to it." ― Chief Theresa Spence Attawapiskat First Nation, Ontario, Canada.

Canadian First Nations contend "That the Canadian Government is composing the fabric of Canada its self is a lie, because it it cannot honor the higher principles and values of being a nation and a world leader that advocates for human rights, liberties, democracies, and freedom. The very idea or notion that a peaceful nation like Canada would impose legislative arrangements that impose a governments will that take away the potential of survivability of a peoples, especially with those it has created Treaties of peace and friendship in exchange for the land is unfathomable! Especially when that government was to establish and protect these principles and ideals in a democratic sense (by the people, for the people). In reality if we as First Nations lose this fight then it is setting the stage for world! Unity should not start with just First Nations it should take the unity of the world peoples living on this land to fight for their rights as Canadians as well! Once the government proposes amendments like these it is breaking the threshold of infringing on anybodys rights to land, liberty and self government (every individual has the right to be self governing). Once these types of amendments happen then everyone in Canada and the free world becomes subject to the "government" stepping in and taking everything away from a peoples ... for it is creating precedence for other governments to follow in taking lands and liberties away within its own political state, in other words it is the first step to a police state government!"


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