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WWII Scarborough munitions plant (GECO) and Picton AFB

WWII Scarborough munitions plant (GECO) and Picton AFB

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My wife has spent many years researching, documenting, photographing and interviewing over 50 men and women who worked at the WWII GECO munitions factory located in Scarborough, Ontario. Over 170 buildings were constructed during 1941in mid-winter with 5km of interconnecting tunnels and walkways to house the manufacture of field artillery fuses for the war effort. Mostly women were employed in this endeavor. Only a few buildings and tunnels remain today. Her work has been submitted to a book publisher for consideration.

I suggest looking at my wife's website to learn more... or call her at 416-497-9757. A fact sheet and pictures are enclosed.

Also, as part of our research, we toured the Loch-Sloy Business Park in Picton, Ontario a few weeks ago. This is, I believe, the only remaining WWII air force base in existence in North America with original buildings, hangars and airfields still in tact and undergoing renovation. It is a marvelous testimony to Canada's war effort. They do not have a website but can be contacted at Address: 343 County Road 22, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Phone: (613) 476-3064


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