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Capital to Capitol by canoe -- 2012

Capital to Capitol by canoe -- 2012

Uploaded by Marie-Christine B├ędard Oct 4, 2012 6:27 PM EDT 6285 views


An 1800 Km canoe trip from Ottawa to Washington to protect and restore the waters we all need and share. This expedition is an amazing 1800 km journey. We will travel on rivers, lakes, canals, harbours and bays from Ottawa to Washington DC, possibly the first time this route has been traveled entirely in a voyageur canoe.

Our team will learn from local residents and organizations about the waterways on which they travel, engage in discussions about problems and solutions, and advocate for the importance of clean, healthy rivers. Although the canoe will cross from Canada into the United States, river systems know no borders. The Capital to Capitol by Canoe 2012 will spread the message that we must transcend political borders and work together to protect and restores our rivers.

They left Ottawa on Sept. 5, reached New York on Oct. 1. The voyage and the adventure continue!


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