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my Canada day

my Canada day

Uploaded by calvin ncube Jul 1, 2012 11:46 PM EDT 314 views


The greatest Roman army was easily out numbered,
Turn your shoulder you will see a new freindly face,
The feeling was static and the atmosphere was electric,
This goes down as one of my greatests day.

A beautiful short and cheerful speech from our lovely mayor set the mood,
The fire worrks display was smooth and gradual like learning how to fly,
Soft and attractive the first moments where,
Glorious and capturing the progres was,
Amazing and powerfuly the display ended.

All good things come to an end but the memories last for ever,
In an orderly fashion we all departed,
In more numbers we shall turn up next year,
A hundred and forty five years does make us smile,
But one more year every year will make us prouder,
Happy Canada Day.


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