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Canada Day for "all" Canadians (a nostalgic letter to Canada on Canada Day from

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Being in the middle of nowhere in Africa and thinking that tomorrow is Canada Day and probably nobody in the American research camp (that I am now) will tell me Happy Canada Day or expect me to shout Happy Canada Day just make everything feel gloomy. When I go out of Canada, as a naturalized Canadian, I want Canada to be proud of me. I think that I go out to represent Canada and bring honor home, however I can: by doing honest research on water resources, by shooting a video, or by being nice to everybody. I miss “home”, Winnipeg, Toronto, Waterloo, and everywhere else in Canada that I left my foot steps. Often nights, I dream of Toronto, of the charm of the streets of downtown and people, of King Street and our MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop), of coffee shops and all that “diversity”, and my love tales that I left in Canada … and I want to give something back to Canada simply because Canada feels like home. It it my adopted home, and yet, it is my sweetest home.

But I wish Canada would make some effort to educate people, especially Europeans, to stop bugging us with questions like: “… but you are not REALLY a Canadian, are you?”!!!
I put this last sentence as a thought on my facebook page, within two minutes one of the European friends wrote a comment: “I don’t think Canada can change European way of thinking in this respect. As long as you don’t speak English as a native Canadian, and this is without any accent, you’ll never be regarded as one. It’s sad, but true … .”
The day that I took the oath to become a Canadian I promised to stand by Canada no matter what and I shall not quit my responsibilities as a Canadian citizen. My thoughts are that Canada can also publicize this to the world that there are in fact two equal types of Canadians: (1) natural-born citizens (2) naturalized citizens. It is like one is the child of Canada and the other is married to Canada.

By the end of the night, it was rather uplifting my soul when my “natural-born” Canadian partner wrote for me: “Don’t worry! Canadians think you are Canadian!”

Well, I have my Canada T-shirt and bandana ready to go for tomorrow. This was a nostalgic letter to Canada on Canada Day from nowhere in Africa.

PS. I love you, Canada! (even if that means to sneak in a gift shop and take a quick blurry photo with a moose!)


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