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Girl finds stolen bike through social media hashtag

Girl finds stolen bike through social media hashtag

Uploaded by Meg Norton Aug 12, 2013 7:14 PM EDT 1988 views


My beautiful brand new Linus bike (valued at $1000) was stolen out front of my office at King and Spadina. I didn't lock it over the wheel so all they had to do was unscrew the seat. I created posters including photos of the bike, myself (Meg) and a hashtag - #returnMegsbike. Within 12 hours of posting 7 of them around the city, the bike had resurfaced.

A lovely good samaritan named Valery Gore had purchased the bike from a woman who claimed needed the money to go visit her pregnant sister. The woman appeared to be well kept and the bike was pristine, so Valery decided to help her out. Once she got home, she realized it must be too good to be true. Her and her husband began their search and sure enough, came across the poster downtown. She tracked Meg down through the Hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, and returned the bike to her in perfect condition.


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