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Small Town's Connection to Best Picture Argo

Small Town's Connection to Best Picture Argo

Uploaded by Sean Irwin Feb 25, 2013 1:15 PM EST 5269 views


The Township of Terrace Bay has an interesting link to this year's Oscar winner for Best Picture. Inside the Terrace Bay Cultural Centre, resides a framed flag that was presented to the local pulp mill and features a plaque. The plaque reads – "This flag was flown by the employees of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation at Coosa River, Alabama the week of February 4, 1980 in grateful appreciation to the people of Canada for their heroic rescue of six Americans from Iran. Presented by the employees of the Coosa River mill to the people of Terrace Bay on April 23, 1980." The event in question is the main plot line of the movie involving the rescue of the captive Americans and the role of Canada in the operation. The flag is featured prominently on the walls beside the Seniors Activity Centre and greets visitors to the facility. For more information, visit


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