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Zora and her sheep

Zora and her sheep

Uploaded by Antje Seipelt Feb 12, 2013 3:26 PM EST 1172 views


This picture was taken after a winter walk outside in January. Zora, our husky/shephard mix made herself comfortable, cuddling her "sheep", on her bed. We adopted Zora in 2012 from a rescue society and our son bought this stuffed animal sheep for her. She loves it so much and takes it anywhere in the house where she goes.


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Antje Seipelt
Antje Seipelt posted Mar 6, 2013 8:24 AM EST

Thank you Natalie! I was so happy when I read we won the contest. :-) Juchuuuu....
Hope we keep in touch!

Natalie Hulan
Natalie Hulan posted Mar 4, 2013 8:56 PM EST

Thank you for sharing your picture of your fluffy teddy bear Duke! You can tell he's a loveable dog!

Keep on rescuing! : )

Congratulations in winning this months photo contest with "Zora and her sheep"!

May you be blessed with many years with your two dogs, Duke & Zora! : )

Antje Seipelt
Antje Seipelt posted Mar 3, 2013 12:08 PM EST

Hi Natalie!
Thank you for the picture of your brother's dog. Such a touching story! He looks like the dog my parents used to have. I grew up with German shephards. We always had two dogs at home. Last October we adopted another dog. His name is Duke and he is already 12. The previous owner wanted to put him down, because he couldn't take care of him anymore, so we rescued him. He is the most fluffy teddy bear I've ever met and so handsome. He still has so much love to give and loves to play with Zora. For his age he is still very playful and likes to play fetch and run. I'm attaching a picture for you.

Natalie Hulan
Natalie Hulan posted Feb 28, 2013 4:44 PM EST

Hi again!

Antje, congratulations, that your picture Zora and her Sheep was chosen as one of the five finalists!

Good luck in winning this months photo contest! : )

Natalie Hulan
Natalie Hulan posted Feb 28, 2013 4:29 PM EST
Our Friend--4

Hi Antje:

Attached is a picture of my brother's dog who is part husky/shepherd too.

He loved our mom so much! He laid on the sofa beside her putting his head on her falling asleep on her.

Our mom passed away in 2010. We were all with her including my brother's dog. When she took her last breath, his dog took it with her. Then his dog put his head down on the floor. He knew that she was gone.

He's our gentle giant!

When I visit with my dog she's the dominant one!

Our two dogs enjoy playing together! Especially in the snow.

His dog likes the snow more than my dog. He puts his face right in the snow. When my dog gets cold she comes in sooner than him.

My grandson loves the two of them! He gives both dogs hugs every time he comes to visit. : )


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